Saturday, 28 March 2015

Perth Swimming Pools: Easier and More Affordable to Own Than Ever

For years, your kids have ceaselessly bugged you about having a pool built in your backyard, and time and again, you’ve decided against it for various reasons. Yet you should know that plenty of advancements in pool technology have taken place over the years, such that having a pool these days is easier and more affordable than ever before. Statistics show that Australia has the highest pool ownership per capita in the world. This shows that pools are pretty much within budget, safe, and easy to maintain for many homeowners. With that in mind, isn’t it about time you give in to your kids’ wishes and give them a pool that provides hours of fun and quality time for the whole family? By working with one of the trusted pool companies in Perth, like Guardian Pools, you can easily have a pool that fits your budget, your backyard, and lifestyle needs.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

How to Turn Fiberglass Pools in Perth into Prime Relaxation Spots

Given the dry climate and extreme heat so typical of summertime in the region, swimming has become an essential part of the lifestyles of most households in Western Australia. In Perth, for example, you’ll find backyards of all sizes equipped with pools of varying dimensions that provide a cooling respite from the summer sun and offer lots of health and social benefits to boot. Swimming pools, for instance, allow you to engage in fun and low-impact water exercises. You can also organise pool parties out of the blue or simply enjoy a relaxing day off with your family and/or friends to keep you company.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Warm-Ups Before Jumping into Perth Swimming Pools Make for a Good Swim

Whether you're preparing for a big swim meet or a casual dip in the pool, quality Perth swimming pools can serve as good health and fitness tools. You have to prepare your body first, however. A good pre-swim warm-up will help you burn more calories with less strain, not to mention increase your efficiency in the water and reduce the possibility of muscle soreness.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Perth Lap Pool Manufacturer Now Offers the “Swim Tether Original”

Rockingham, Western Australia (12 March 2015) – Guardian Pools, a trusted name in Perth lap pool manufacture and installation, is pleased to announce that it now offers a new product from US-based company Swim Tether. The “Swim Tether Original” is a system used for stationary water workouts in pools or other bodies of water. The system measures 1.8m tall when assembled and is considered a pioneer in resistance training equipment. The Swim Tether Original consists of a three-piece fibre rod pole, a static swim cord, a neoprene-covered nylon belt, and a stainless steel deck plate as its base. A swimmer can use the setup for a stationary swimming workout with the belt wrapped around the waist and the pole using lift in the process to reduce drag. The pole can withstand extensive pressure with its high flexibility. The belt is fully adjustable, capable of accommodating waists measuring up to 54 inches.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Perth Swimming Pool Tips: Using Your Pool to Train for a Marathon Swim

It’s safe to say that for swimmers to develop the fitness, endurance, and stamina needed to finish a marathon swim, they have to start somewhere. What better place to do so than in their very own backyard pool? A trusted Perth swimming pool company can install a fibreglass pool of suitable size in a range of modern finishes. Established Perth pool companies offer pools in a selection of shapes and a wide range of attractive colours to suit any style back or front yard. With such a “starter” training pool in place, you can go through the rigors of basic training at your own pace.