Thursday, 24 September 2015

Fibreglass Swimming Pools for Perth Homes: Essential Elements

If you are in the market for a low-maintenance and durable fibreglass pool that enhances aesthetic and property value, you’re probably wondering which design you should choose for your Perth home. Fortunately, you can narrow down your choices based on three main factors to find the pool that best suits your lifestyle needs. Swim/Play Area When it comes to swimming pools, you need to consider how much of the area you should allocate for swimming and for playing. Are pool steps and benches to your liking? Do you prefer a larger swim space without any obstructions? Your answer to this question plays into how much your family enjoys your pool once it’s finished, so take this consideration seriously.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Winter is a Great Time to Contact Pool Companies about Installation

Early in June, Australia’s Snowy Mountains already received about eight inches of snow, signalling that winter has officially begun in the Land Down Under. Landsat 8, one of NASA’s Earth-facing satellites, recently captured images of the mountain range blanketed in white. The Snowy Mountains, or “The Snowies” as locals fondly call them, make up Australia’s largest mountain range. According to Big News Network, more snow is to be expected in the region. "The Snowy Mountains region is home to good snowfalls from June through to September and to Australia's highest mountain -- Mount Kosciuszko," Radio Australia reported.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Swimming Pools: Top 3 Pool Designs that Suit Any Active Lifestyle

Feel like you could use a boost in the work-life balance department? Perth’s very own Olympic prodigy, Brianna Throssell, may serve as an inspiration. The 19-year-old, who was recently dubbed “WA Swimmer of the Year”, is taking up physiotherapy and getting a pre-medicine certificate at Notre Dame University. She does all these while training for (and excelling at) prestigious athletic meets. Throssell has been made Australia’s representative to the 200-metre butterfly event at the World Championships in Russia. What’s even more admirable about her is that she neither limits her goals nor devotes her life entirely to swimming. She talks of the sport as her passion but further declares that it’s the “pool of life” she plans to take a dive in and conquer.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Health Benefits Aplenty: Why You’ll Love Having a Lap Pool at Home

Many A-list celebrities see fit to lose or gain weight for a movie or TV role they are set to play. Chris Pratt, for instance, shed 60 pounds in 6 months for his role in the recent box-office hit Jurassic World. Pratt engaged in various workouts like P90X, running, and boxing to achieve his slimmer and more muscular physique. Swimming, in particular, helped him get in shape. Many Aussies, celebrities or not, make swimming part of their lifestyles whether they have a lap pool at home or take a dive at nearby recreation centres. Some might train for athletic events or simply enjoy this form of exercise.

Swimming Pools in Perth: Creative Ideas to Encourage Your Kids to Swim

Did you know that learning how to swim at an early age can help children develop their physical and mental skills more rapidly? A recent study involving little Aussies (ages 4 and under) who took swimming lessons revealed that participants had advanced skills in reading, writing, counting, and other tasks, which put them months ahead of kids who didn’t swim. Of course, some children might not have a natural affinity for water and may even be terrified of it. Yet if you dread the thought of your child veering towards sedentary “leisure” activities that involve computer games, couch surfing, or excessive Internet browsing, then you should do everything to promote a more active lifestyle at home.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Fiberglass Pools in Perth: Tips for Boosting Your Property’s Value

The issue of whether or not a pool addition enhances property value is hotly debated around the world. For citizens of Perth, Western Australia, the argument in favour of this notion is seemingly victorious. Pool ownership in the city is above the national average (12% of Aussies have a pool at home) as 18% of households have their own private watering holes. The region experiences hot summers, after all, and a lot of West Australians consider swimming as the best way to cool off. Not surprisingly, homes with existing pools are quite enticing to a lot of property buyers. Adding a pool to your Perth home is indeed a sensible investment if you are looking to eventually sell it.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Expertly Built Perth Swimming Pools: Creating Your Backyard Mini Oasis

In spite of unprecedented growth and sprawling developments, masterful urban planning has helped make Perth one of the world’s most liveable cities (according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index). A warm climate, easy access to nature, and a wide array of outdoor recreational activities also come together to make the city such an enticing place. Perth residents can replicate the region’s abundant natural beauty by transforming their own backyards into a miniature paradise. At the centre of it all would be fibreglass Perth swimming pools that come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, perfect for your own watering hole. Here are some design tips you may want to consider.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Enter the World of Swimming By Way of a Perth Lap Pool in Your Home

Many amateur and pro swimmers regard the first mile (or 1.61 km) as a fitting introduction to swimming. The one-mile swim meet is like your typical marathon, where thousands of swimmers compete for that brief moment of glory. From there, some eventually progress to advanced swimming events like the annual 20-km Rottnest Channel Swim. To get you started, here’s an easy-to-follow, basic one-mile training plan as described by Emily Bibb in PopSugar’s Fitness section. The programme is divided into four weeks, each with four workout phases and a certain number of metres to complete. By the end of the fourth week, you should be swimming a total equivalent of one swimming mile. As with any rigorous exercise campaign ensure you consult with a Health Professional or Qualified Trainer prior to starting your training plan.