Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Lose That Tummy: Keeping Those Fats Away With a Lap Pool in Perth

If you’ve been watching your weight, you might already have been doing measures, drastic or not, to maintain it. If you’re not into sweating yourself too much with exercises such as jogging, then swimming in a lap pool in Perth is your next best bet. Not only will you paddle into the cooling water, you can also lose some weight along the way and you can do it as a workout if you’re really serious about keeping yourself fit. That does not mean you’ll just swim around for minutes, however. Like every other exercise, you also have to do it properly by timing yourself: Use a clock or a watch to time how long it takes you to complete one lap of the pool at your normal speed with your favorite swimming stroke. Repeat with all the strokes you know how to do. You may find that you swim the freestyle the fastest, followed by the back, breast and side stroke.

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